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Media Relations & Publicity

Get your brand seen!

Having worked with the local, regional and national press for over 25 years, Rebecca Scrase PR knows exactly what makes a great 'story' and how best to capture media attention.

Working closely together, it's my 'M.O.' to get your story heard by the people who need to hear it most, whether that's customers, stakeholders, or other businesses, too.

And because Rebecca Scrase PR specialises in the travel, leisure and lifestyle markets, I've cultivated a close network of trusted media contacts, journalists who come to us for regular client input or industry commentary, broadcasters who are looking for interviewees, photo editors who have pages to fill. We also organise press trips, launches and whatever else is required to raise public awareness of your business or brand.

Here's just a few examples of businesses we have helped: gastropubs, food and drink festivals, walking festivals, holiday letting agencies, estate agencies, award-winning farm shops, restaurants, pop-ups, start-ups, travel operators, outdoor adventure specialists, bike and walking tour operators.

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