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No win No Fee 

Ad-hoc PR Service 

Are you a travel, tourism or lifestyle business whose budgets have been battered by the pandemic? If so, you're not alone, which is why, new for 2022, we're offering a new, 'no-win-no-fee' service.

We are regularly approached by editors and journalists in the local and national media to match relevant businesses with their story ideas. If you would like your business to be considered and put forward for these regular opportunities, we can help in the most affordable way we can think of:  on a no-win, no-fee basis. 

That's right! If your business isn't included in the feature, we don't charge a penny! But if it is (and we have an outstanding track record of success), we charge a one-off fee on publication (print and online) or, in the case of TV and radio, on broadcast. 

Would your business benefit from media exposure worth thousands of pounds reaching a potential audiences of over a million, for hundreds?  Media exposure doesn't just boost your profile, but acts as rocket fuel to your SEO rankings in Google! 

Take a look at our fee structure:

  • Local/regional media (online and/or print) £150

  • Trade media (online and/or print) £150

  • Local TV/radio £250

  • National media (online and/or print) £300

  • National TV/radio £350

If you'd like to know more, e-mail: 

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